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At the moment this system works only on the "Janice night visit" scene. We create a girl, put out the desired size of the breast and go for a walk with the chosen one in the picturesque locations - an interactive divorce of the girls on your computer. The player gets to choose from multiple male avatars and sometimes a female avatar which would be in blue. Click the "Start" button on the Windows taskbar, and then "Run", type "Regedit" and press ENTER.

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Daness - TRUE END Load [3] Take care of it myself Yeah, that's true Anastasia - 6 new scenes. - 2 New locations: The Park, Billy/Rachel's house: living room. - New feature: at the certain points of the game, it is now possible to change Janice daily wear. Now you will not need to finish previous(repeatable) jobs, he will give you the package as soon as it will be available. [URL= lay-Free-Download.jpg][/URL] Year of manufacture : 2006 Country : Japan Translation : English Tablet: Not required Censorship : None Publisher : Illusion Soft Manufacturer : Illusion Soft Description : Recently, many began to think that after such a successful simulator of the relationship "Sexy Beach 2", the studio will finally stop torturing girls, forcing players to chase after them, and then scoff, as it was in the series "Biko". information : This is an English unofficial game assembly. Updates will not work if your OS2 game directory is named Japanese characters (for example, "C: \ Program Files \ Illusion \ お っ ぱ い ス ラ イ ダ ー 2") .

The Game is already Patched with IPA and More Slot ID.

Actually its finished, just download, upzip and Play.

Honey Select (ハニーセレクト in Japanese) is an eroge created by the Japanese H-game company Illusion. anal, deepthroat, creampie, toys, vr.porn, big.dick, double.penetration, petite, swallow, redhead, mouth, japanese, hairy.pussy, face.fuck, game, Honey Select with Party DLC and ALL Important Mods ( Like GGMod for High Heels, Hair Clothes Mods, Character Mods and so on ) - Full English - Uncensored - VR Ready : Oculus Rift and even Touch Support for the Menu.

- Many Mods : Wide Slider ( Needed for some Characters ), GGMod for High Heels, More Slot ID and IPA. - Costume Characters : As Example some Dead or Alive Characters, Various "known" Characters and also some Random Chars.

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