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To give just a small idea of the truly global nature of the submissions, we had films submitted from places such as Aruba, Western Sahara and Kyrgyzstan (“Seide”, directed by Elnura Osmonalieva, screening in International Programme 2).

Alongside that, every corner of the UK was represented amongst the submissions.

You can see in many of the shorts in the European Program for example, that there is a wave of isolation and a sense of being lost among many young people.

Young adults have felt they have been cut adrift by their national governments, and that has bubbled over into a whole range of street protests and activism, and into cinema as well over the last few years.

How many shorts were submitted to this year’s festival, and where did they all come from?

Variety spoke to Danny Moltrasi from the festival’s Shorts Programming team to find out what made the cut…Previous assessments of the quality of paediatric care in the Commonwealth of Independent States showed that in-hospital postnatal case fatality rates were low but inappropriate case management was common and characterized by unnecessary hospitalization, overdiagnosis and overtreatment, possibly associated with wasted resources and a risk to children’s health.In Kyrgyzstan, a lower-middle-income country in the WHO European Region, the mortality rate in children younger than 5 years has decreased steadily from live births in 1994 to in 2013.This paper presents the findings of this cluster randomized controlled trial, which was designed to determine whether periodic supportive supervision, provided after a standard WHO 4-day training course, improves paediatric case management in hospitals and increases the overall quality of care for common childhood conditions.We conducted a cluster, randomized, parallel-group trial in the Chui, Issyk-Kul and Talas Regions of northern Kyrgyzstan and involved 20 district and regional public hospitals that treated children (Fig. Hospitals were taken as the unit of randomization to avoid contamination between practitioners at the same location.We see them all so many times throughout the process and you can’t be helped but become attached to all of them in some way!What I would suggest though are films that are completely in conflict with the norm of that national cinema, yet still feel like that could only come from that part of the world. Also, the Shorts before Features are all of the highest quality, for example “African Kangaroo” by Dirk Domen, which packs an incredible punch in less than nine minutes. What advice do you have for short filmmakers who submit to the festival?The approach most commonly advocated by WHO for improving case management for common children’s diseases has been the dissemination of evidence-based guidelines, usually combined with staff training.Many countries implementing the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness strategy developed by WHO and the United Nations Children’s Fund have adopted this approach.However, recent evidence indicates that training alone does not ensure better case management and, even after training, it may be difficult to incorporate new knowledge into practice.However, little high-quality evidence, for example from randomized controlled trials, is available on the efficacy of supportive supervision in general or, more specifically, on its use for improving the quality of hospital care for common childhood conditions in low- and middle-income countries.

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