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That's extraordinary Devotees Devotees of fine dining Devotes Devotion Devotional bench Devotional carving: Var. Dewey, to Truman De Witt Clinton's canal Dewlap's place Dewlapped creature Dewlaps Dewrinkle Dewy Dewy-eyed Dexter’s detective Dexterity Dexterity exercise Dexterity inappreciable, from what we hear Dexterity keeping both ends of line in view Dexterous Dextrose Dey TV series DH stat DH's often have many Dharma follower Dharma's guy Dharma's partner Dharma's sitcom spouse DHL alternative DHL competitor DHL delivery: Abbr. Di or da preceder in a Be Di- doubled Diabetes hormone Diable battler Diabolic Diabolical Diabolical graph line? Device used for cooking over an open fire Device used for film trac Device used in aiming Device used in an A. Devil in Looney Tunes car Devil played a role and got stuck Devil put neck out in hell Devil Ray or Blue Jay, fo Devil started a bit differently, it's shown Devil worshipper Devil's daughter inspires a Welsh name Devil's doing Devil's doings Devil's domain Devil's end? Devon city Devon resort's improved with non-drinking element gone Devon river Devon river with very attractive effect Devon seaside resort Devon speciality Devonshire dad Devonshire's ___ Island, Devote Devote wholly Devote, as time Devoted Devoted daughter out of head on drugs Devoted doctor died before animal given drug departed Devoted elderly married couple Devoted fans Devoted feminist Devoted follower Devoted, as friends Devotee Devotee I get on with in time Devotee of a cause Devotee of a certain Brit Devotee of eating and drinking to excess Devotee separately wrapping partner and himself in the middle? Deter Deterge Detergent Detergent brand Detergent factory, e.g.? Detects, in a way Detente Detention sites Detention sounding saucy? Didn't allow Didn't approve Didn't bomb at all Didn't bother Didn't break Didn't bring up the rear? Did, once Didactyl Diddle Diddley and Derek Diddly Didi of "Grease" and "Gre Didn Didn't accept, with "on"Didn't act up Didn't actually experienc Didn't admit anything?

Diagram representing different relationships Diagram used for brainsto Diagram with signs Diagrams Dial Dial letters Dial on the dash Dial sound Dial sounds Dial ___ (telephone sound Dial, e.g.

Did see Did sleight of hand with Did some batiking Did some beachcombing Did some bookkeeping Did some carpentry Did some digging around Did some garden work Did some horse-trading Did some planning Did some quick metalwork? Did very little as American lunged, piercing heart Did without underclothing at home - that's supposedly logical Did wrong Did yard work Did you see me scoffing a black, edible root?

Dickens's shortest novel Dickens's Tiny ___Dickens's Uriah Dickens's ___ Heep Dickens, in his formative Dickens, notably Dickens, perhaps, about first in reading material, primarily at this time of year Dickensian character of rag playing at close of 8Dickensian character to be scolded? Dickensian complaint Dickensian cry Dickensian epithet Dickensian outburst Dickensian villain Dicker Dicker over a price, say Dickerson of the N. Did really well Did salon work Did school put rubbish outside that's foul? Did stage work Did sums Did superbly Did telemarks, e.g. Did the crawl, say Did the same as Did the Wright thing Did this in empty tube after shot and wine? Did toe loops, say Did too much Did too much, in a way Did utter sod ask it during openings?

Deteriorated Deteriorates Deterioration from use in river Determinant of a "best if Determinant of utility ch Determination Determination an heir already has Determination of son replacing vile leader in coup Determination to jump into river? Detroit player, 1984 Amer Detroit product Detroit products Detroit sports fan's cry? Deuce Deuce beater Deuce beaters Deuce follower Deuce follower in tennis Deuce follower, in tennis Deuce followers Deuce taker Deuce takers Deuce topper Deuce topper, in cards Deuce toppers Deuce! Development developments Development in the Middle Development of amnesia?

Detergent target Deteriorate Deteriorate through neglect Deteriorate, as hungry hens might? preceder Deuterium and tritium, to Deuterium has one Deutsch article Deutsch, here Deutsche article Deutschland denial Deux : France :: ___ : Ge Deux into quatorze Deux of these are better Deux or trois lead-in Devalue Devastate Devastate from above Devastated Devastating Devastating change to a musical Devastation Develop Develop a liking for hake at one — it's battered Develop a particular liking for Develop anacusis Develop and rent space Develop gradually Develop less macho view of hardness Develop paper in, for example, reading and writing Develop part of a revolver Develop physique Develop ruts, say Develop sores Develop sort of love after day of celebration put back Develop wrinkles, say Developed Developed make of car to accommodate setter Developed new part for European city Developed problem declared disgusting Developed sea legs, apparently never growing old Developed urge to attend subversive rally often Developer forged payroll log Developer's investment Developer's land Developer's needs, for sh Developer's plot Developer's reference Developing Developing agent in photo Developing business? Developing solution Developing stage Development Development area Development areas?

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