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Ah Sa said: "I support homosexuals, and I have many homosexual friends. I just hope the public will stop labeling homosexuals.

Artists are humans too, they need their own personal space to develop relationships too.

I hope Miss Ho can really treasure Joey as her friend. While her action may have reduced her own pressures and she finally released herself, but at the same time the pressure shifted towards Joey. If she is Joey's friend, then I hope she stops mentioning Joey." Twins hope Joey emotionally recovers soon Joey's good friends and colleagues Twins (Ah Sa and Ah Gil) hoped she'll get better soon.

Don't add to Joey's stress and don't hurt her anymore." Translated by from Oriental Daily As Hocc expressed Joey supported her to "come out" [on her sexual orientation], Mani said: "As a friend, of course Joey will respect her decision. Ah Gil expressed: "Denise Ho released herself after announcing her sexual orientation, I'm happy for her. I hope she can live her life the way she wants and not be affected by this issue." Ah Sa said she won't try to contact Joey right now, but she hopes the public will give Joey some space, so she can emotionally recover.

有人認為香港缺乏創意。本講座將會邀請曾經參與多種音樂製作的馮頴琪,分享她音樂作品中的創意。此活動歡迎所有THEi的學生及教職員參加。 Date: 19 April 2017 (Wednesday) Time: to Venue: KT067 (Lecture Theatre 1), THEi Kowloon Tong campus Language: Cantonese As a renowned and award-winning composer, lyricist, singer-songwriter and music promoter, Vicky Fung has written music for megastars such as Joey Yung, Kelly Chen, Eason Chan, Kay Tse, Leo Koo, Juno Mak, and Denise Ho.

To promote music development, she established “Green Coffee”, “the Backstage Live Restaurant”, and “1563 At The East” for musical exchange.catchy songs, voice is average though (ps: her recent album sucked) -stephanie cheng ...

Last Saturday, Hocc announced her true sexual orientation, that she is in fact a lesbian at the Hong Kong Gay Pride Parade. Yesterday reporters contacted Joey's manager, Mani Fok, to ask her about Hocc's comment on Joey's sexual orientation.

Joey instantly became the media's target for interviews and the other day, Hocc ends up dragging Joey into the situation when reporters asked if Joey is bisexual? Mani said: "Joey will not be accepting interviews right now, she is in a very bad mood! ) Actually Joey respects Hocc's personal decision, and as a friend she really does support her.

On Weibo, Denise often bantered with the Taiwanese actress as well.

This reinforced the perception that Denise was deeply hurt by her former “ex-lovers” now dating each other! Wilfred stated that he and Joey had started dating when they were both single.

Furthermore, Denise was rumored to have split from Joey at the end of last year.

So, for now I won't try to contact Joey, I hope to give her more space to handle her emotions.

Joey is a very very good girl, she is worthy of our love." This is really shocking to me because I guess I didn't follow the entertainment news enough, but I never knew Denise Ho was gay.

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