Dating seminars for women

Your Dating Coach & Romance Resource, De Anna Lorraine contact form by delicious:days If the above form is not working for some reason, you may also register by sending an email to [email protected] and include your name and phone #.

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The goal is a high probabiliy of matches and romantic connections happening in one night!These seminars are designed for adults who are single or dating, as well as those who are in relationships and want to have them reach their full potential. Again, here are the details: When: August 31st, 12-1pm PST Where: Call-in (# will be sent to you after registering) Why: Because you want to be more successful in your dating & relationships with MEN! This is my complimentary Teleseminar series for women Please feel free to forward this invite along to any friends or family members you know of as well who are eager to get married or get into a serious relationship this year.Thanks, and I hope to “see” you on the call THIS Wednesday, August 31st!The "Good Guys" program explores issues of power and control, gender, self-esteem, masculinity and relationships, helping boys understand what it means to “be a man” in Judaism, and to articulate the kind of man they want to be.By teaching boys about the role they play in creating healthy relationships, while recognizing the pressures they face in being a ‘strong’ male, we can help equip them with the skills to make healthy relationship choices. The project emphasizes healthy masculinity and guides parents and boys to raise and become complete people who express themselves, care about others and thrive as good husbands, friends and members of the community.– Master all the dating stages, from the first date on.You’ll learn exactly how to Act & What to do ON & In-between Dates in order to succeed with them, as well as successful Date Planning & preparation.Email Deborah Rosenbloom or call (202) 464-4816 to bring them to your community.Our "Ladies & Gentlemen" workshop provides an opportunity to examine how gender norms and expectations play a role in our lives and relationships."Dating Abuse: Tools for Talking to Teens" teaches adults to reach teens with messages on safe, healthy relationships.Click here to access the program."When Push Come to Shove…It’s No Longer Love!

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