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Leather haversack was intended to be used by the keeper for carrying cartridges, friction primers, lanyard, priming wire, and combination level for the Lyle gun. A brief look at the history of the Coast Guard, from its beginnings as the Revenue Marine to its many other duties added throughout the years.

ANNUAL REPORT OF THE UNITED STATES COAST GUARD for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1915.

Coast Guard Academy upperclassmans sweater dates from c.1954. Also included are two Academy yearbooks Tide Rips, 19 which include Mosers photo. Nice early collection of early photographs of the cutter and crewmen, some in humerous poses. The USRC Seneca was commissioned for the principal mission of locating and destroying abandoned shipwrecks that were still afloat and were a menace to navigation. Clear close press photo shows great detail as the gun crew pose on deck in front of the gun that sank the schooner Im Alone after a spirited chase off the New Orleans Bar. Pages are age toned, covers with some edge wear, soiling and rubbing. The wool blanket bears a painted US-CGC 57 near one edge. As a young man from Denver, Colorado, seventeen-year-old Dewey joined the United States Coast Guard in 1948 and made the Coast Guard his life. In 1972 the Commandant of the Coast Guard at that time, Admiral Chester R. Dog patrols were usually conducted at night and consisted of a dog and dog handler.

On 21st February, the hawser parted, and MV Ambassador was lost from sight and radar and foundered some time later. Three close negative views show a Coast Guard 38-Foot Picketboat under construction at Gibbs Gas Engine Co., Jacksonville, Florida. Clear, close, original 8 x 10 press photo shows excellent detail of Coast Guards new flat-bottom boats for flood relief. With the proposed method, a low flying plane snags a line from the beach and carries it to the vessel, dropping it across the ship. I dont know that this practiced was ever adopted or used in an actual rescue. With declassification of the ship's log, now the true story is being told." Illustrated with 38 graphite sketches & watercolors by the author, as well as 20 wartime photographs. In 272 large format pages, the authors present unforgettable stories of the surfmen and their unsurpassed bravery. Photo is b/w and includes date and lengthy description on back. Rare sweater is in very good condition and includes Coast Guard logo on the front, leather patches on the sleeves, and great "rope knot" buttons. Captain Kevin Leo Moser was born August 9, 1922, in St. Included are six scrapbook pages (11 3/8" x 6 15/16") with 11 photographs adhered. She was designed with excellent sea-keeping qualities, a long cruising range, good towing capabilities, and by necessity the capacity to store a large amount of munitions. The Dexter was forced to fire on the schooner Im Alone when their captain refused to surrender or allow the cutters officer to board and search the vessel. Clear close press photo shows great detail as the Chief Engineer and crew pose on deck. This appears to be made from a Revenue Cutter Service or early Coast Guard undress sword belt (with half of the 2-part buckle) and may have been used to replace a lost or damaged belt on the Keepers haversack. The body of the blanket is heavy wool, light OD or khaki in color with sewn edges, measuring about 55 by 80. Follow the training, lessons learned, funny stories, and a true love of being a shallow-water sailor. George Reef LH, San Luis Obispo LH, Marshall Islands, Pt. Cutter assignments included CGC Gresham, Taney, Escanaba, Cahoone, Active, Point Chico, Point Sal. Bender, presented him with the first Coxswain's Insignia ever issued, because, as Admiral Bender noted: "[BMCM Mc Adams] has a tremendous record of rescues and that he truly represents all Coast Guardsmen." BMCM Mc Adams commanded many of the small boat stations in the Pacific Northwest, including the Coast Guard's Motor Lifeboat School at Cape Disappointment, Ilwaco, Washington, where he wrote the textbook used to train future lifesavers. He appeared in Life, National Geographic, True and other national publications. With thousands of miles of coastline to protect, horses were added patrols were put into action in many places. Featured on our web site and in our monthly web catalogues are new and out-of-print books, documents, post cards, photographs, maps and charts, engravings, lithographs, uniforms and insignia, tools, lamps, lens apparatus, equipment and apparatus and much more relating to these heroic services. East of Chatham 70-knot winds and 60-foot seas battered merchant vessels as the tankers SS Fort Mercer and SS Pendleton met the full force of the storm. Thirty years after the rescue, the boat was saved from oblivion and completely restored by volunteers of the Orleans Historical Society and still proudly plies Cape Cod waters as a museum dedicated to the memory of life-savers of the United States Coast Guard. CWO4 Anderson gained a fine record in the Coast Guard as a competent rum chaser with many captures to his credit. Clear, close, original 8 x 10 official Coast Guard photo shows excellent detail the cargo ship Ambassador as the Coast Guard Cutter Coos Bay fires a line to the vessel for the breeches buoy apparatus. One of his first assignments was to Operation Crossroads, where he participated in monitoring and cleanup after the Bikini Atoll atomic bomb tests. Also, during World War II, Ocracoke first served as a location for a Navy Section Base, 1942-44; later as an Amphibious Training Station, 1944-45, and as a Combat Information Center. , she was designed to render assistance in the numerous casualties occurring to yachts and sailboats in that area. Combines true, dramatic stories of Coast Guard rescues with interesting accounts of the function and duties of various branches of the service. The commanding officer of the Dexter spoke to the master of the Im Alone through a megaphone and informed him that the Im Alone would be sunk unless it obeyed the command to stop. Until the latter part of 1928, the Im Alone operated on the New England Coast and had caused the Coast Guard forces a great deal of trouble. The Pamlico proceeded to her permanent station at New Bern, North Carolina, arriving there on 4 November 1907. Includes early air operations as well as beach patrol with rescues, ice patrol and smuggling interdiction. Mc Adams retired from the Coast Guard in 1977 and later served as an officer in the Newport Volunteer Fire Department. We now issue most of our catalogues on line rather than by mail. They both broke in two on the morning of February 19th with 84 half-frozen men marooned on the battered hulks. Anderson is listed as having been appointed in 1906. On February 19, 1964, the cargo ship Ambassador, built in 1945, on voyage from Philadelphia to the UK with 9516 tons of wheat and corn in bulk, suffered an engine breakdown, got flooded in heavy weather and began to founder. Clear, close, original 8 x 10 press photo shows excellent detail of the crew posed on deck prior to leaving Boston to study currents and ice conditions off Labrador. Photo is b/w and includes date and description on back. He subsequently served all over the world, his last tour at sea being as the first CO of the USCGC Gallatin (1969-1971). After World War II electricity, paved roads, telephones, ferries, and automobiles, and especially the establishment of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore Park with an Ocracoke marina, an area headquarters, and Information Center, and an Ocean Beach Campsite, brought in many more tourists so that modern motels and hotels and restaurants were established. She was equipped with a gasoline launch, the Relief, probably the first station in the country to have a power boat. A true account of the life of United States Coast Guard sailors on board a fighting frigate during World War II; the humor, pathos, heroism and significance of one small ship in the United States naval armada of 1944. Includes early air operations as well as beach patrol with rescues, ice patrol and smuggling interdiction. Warning shots were fired ahead and when the vessel did not stop, the Dexter fired through the riggings and later put a dozen shots into the hull of the Im Alone. The Coast Guard vessels picked up the members of the crew of the Im Alone with the exception of one person who was drowned. The commanding officer of the Dexter spoke to the master of the Im Alone through a megaphone and informed him that the Im Alone would be sunk unless it obeyed the command to stop. (x) Early leather belt measures 1 wide by 42 long and has brass hook on one end and brass catch from 2-part buckle. During World War II, after the Coast Guard had been transferred to the Navy, Pamlico was assigned to operate under the Assistant Captain of the Port at Morehead City. Photo is b/w and includes date and brief description on back. Well illustrated with 22 wonderful large format early photographs including Light Vessel No. The first dog patrols began at , in August 1942 and were so successful, that within a year, the animals and their handlers were on duty in all the districts. This manuscript was never officially published and no library holdings were located. In very good condition with only light original folds. In 1942, the Coast Guard recognized that the use of dogs, with their keen sense of smell and their ability to be trained for guard duty, would help enhance the patrols. Extremely detailed, includes the coast lookouts that preceded beach patrols, control stations, dog patrols, horse patrols, communications, morale, Medical Department, the beach patrol in action, and more. The signature definitely deteriorates as he becomes more pressed for time. The Court carefully inquiring into the circumstances attending the shipping casualty, found that the principal cause of the loss of the Ambassador was the breaching in heavy weather following the loss of her engines, and whilst her list was increasing, her No. Five hundred thirty-eight of these sturdy vessels were built, most during World War II. Negatives measure 2 square and will make nice clear prints. The flat bottoms minimized transportation problems and could be easily loaded on trucks and sent to flood scenes in short order. Photo is b/w and includes date and description on back. Unique to this work is the authors coverage of the architecture of each of the stations across the country. 3 hatch which was not fitted with locking bars resulted in the entry of large quantities of sea water into many compartments. Photo is b/w and includes date and description on back. Using over 400 rare photos from the Library of Congress and other historic sources, the authors provide a station by station look at the architectural features that make them such a unique and unforgettable piece of our history. Sheaths were sewn to each corner for priming wires. The haversack is made completely of leather with a tongue to fasten the flap and lops for reception of waist belt.

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