Dating meeting the parents

My parents live in Switzerland, so its not that easy to meet them, but I would have had no qualms introducing my boyfriend to them in the beginning of our relationship. But all the other times it was fine because the guys were nice.

Listening is just as important to the art of conversation as talking is.

“Maybe you think its normal to throw this on somebody with a 2-hour warning but, where I come from (snoozfest London), meeting the parents is actually a big deal!

” I actually thought he would be on the next Eurostar back to “where he comes from”, never to be heard from again.

On the flip end, I have an excellent parental track record and can get myself on the fast track for that that family heirloom stone in the matter of hours. Kidding.) Or maybe I am simply old enough to know that a – no parents will hate you unless you do something blatantly disturbing, and b – if the guy is in his 30s and treading on Eternal Bachelor alert, they won’t even hate you if you do do something blatantly disturbing!

That said, I fully encourage y’all to embrace family time and throw each other into the mix as early as possible, avoiding mounting pressure later on.

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