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I am attaching the photo she e-mailed to me, and although I did not recognize it from any posted on your Blacklist pages, the entire text and tone of her mailings were too similar for me to risk such a gamble. She hasn't answered any of my questions in the last 6 messages, is just like talking is :[email protected] of advise: If the subject line is always empty, If she never answers the questions, If she says she loves you too fast, If the photos are numberer 01.jpg, 32.jpg, 12( it's from a database of pictures and she's just borrowing those. I saw your announcement and has decided to write to you. I am especially good at baking cakes, pies and buns and also at cooking chicken in the oven and our Russian pelmeni. I not a lot of story about myself, member since: June 1, 2002 Last activity: July 14, 2002 I am a: Woman seeking a man Country or Region: Russia State/Province: Sankt-Peterburg City: Aleksandrovskiy Acceptable distance in miles: I would travel anywhere to meet someone Horoscope: Aries Chinese Horoscope: DRAGON Age: 26 By using I expect: to find a serious relationship--marriage can come later Height: 5 ft 11 in - 180 cm Weight: 123 lb - 56 kg Hair: Blonde Eyes: Brown Religion: Christian Ethnic background: Other Level of education: College degree Current career/job: Sales Income: ,000-,000 Smoking preference: I do not smoke.If anyone desires to contact me concerning this person, they may e-mail me directly at [email protected] The soul is singing, but it has a place for a man who can become a friend and, perhaps, more than a friend for me. But sometimes when I come home I like to put my favourite tape on and listen to music- different music: ether classical or morden. Smokers do not bother me Body build: Large and lovely Other information: unknown Hi my friend xxxxx.It brought me a kind of insight to review my ordinary everyday life here in Ternopil.As I need you so much, and you need me the same way strong, I believe, we should not lose any minute staying divided anymore. The fastest and most reliable service is at "Intertours" - they can prepare my travel documents, flight tickets and travel insuarance in one week. She explained me, that she wanted to come in Paris to create a marriage agency (but she doesn't speak french and she speaks a bad english); We have exchanged new emails after my come back in France and new requests of money immediatly (but she didn't want to give any address in Kiev). She asks me money to do a toursim travel in Paris, without any certitude to come near me in my city , just to do a trip in Paris with an tour agency !!! I am jeffrey from Holland and I was also contacting an agency from the Ukraine called Diana Marriage Agency the women in charge called herself Shuliko Galina and they are fake because I send them money for a trip, the amount of the reservation cost $ 250,00 and suddently the girl who was coming to Holland was ill and she dissapeared and I still have heard nothing from them.And they are fast because it will take only one week till we'll be together. Let me know what do you think about my proposition. Yours Angelika You may send the money using Western Union Their Internet site is at their phone number in the States is 800-325-6000. Any how, I want you to keep my new foto, which I've done specially for you, dear Dave. If that is fast to see me to me please on Western Union went 300. but even if you are pretty girl, i need some garanties about money !! I send money to a girl that I have met in Kiev during 15 mn (on first time) and 30 mn on the second time. I hope there will be a solution for these kind of internet sites.I guess we are enough grown up and persons to do what we feel to do. You will need my street address and probably the address of Western Union office in Ternopil. This warm letter ended so coldly with the "all or nothing" that even if the money angle hadn't set off alarms, I would have been concerned. On mine : Peresun'ko Valentine Mihajlovna (this my name on ) . Because I still hope to find someone but not this way anymore.So she got this job thanks her talents to foreign languages. But English I studied during my secondary and university education - other languages I learned "in the streets" and can speak them since my childhood. She is married and lives in Lutsk with her husband.

It only took 5 e-mails for the "money" letter to arrive.

I'm not sure is it interesting for you everything I'm writing.

As for me, I'm really interesting in everything about you, your nationality and your country. Please continue to write me often, because I became addicted to your letters! I am very well-balanced realistic and open-minded sign.

Here it is always so - if you get university degree in state education system you must work 3 years long for state (because state education is free of charge and even the state pays small grants to students every month in these universities). I immediately wrote her back, and she replied again within 30 minutes, which I thought was strange for a person who claimed to work such extended hours in a clinic.

There are many private academies now, but their diplomas are less valuable, because everybody can buy such diploma of private academy without any studies. I want to get a small dog, may be, but later, after I decide my own private life questions and only if my future husband will not have anything against. Would you like your future wife have a small brown or black dog, for example? Allowing for time zone differences, it was around midnight in Ternopil as this occurred, and she professed to being in an Internet Cafe which is plausible.

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