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This means that you may want to file an Iowa return to claim the Iowa EITC even if you are not otherwise required to file.

For tax year 2010 and subsequent years, multiply your federal EITC by .07 (7.0%) to calculate the Iowa credit.

Filing a return in this situation reduces the chances of being contacted by the Department about that income in the future.

Back to Top Standard deduction amounts can be found in the online Expanded Instructions, which are available on our individual income tax forms page The standard deduction goes on line 41 of the IA 1040, which is the long form.

If you did not file a federal income tax return, you may want to review the instructions for federal 1040 or 1040A to determine if you are eligible to claim the federal EITC.

If your net income is greater than ,500, and you are not using filing status 1 (single), you may owe less tax by using the Alternate Tax Computation.

This way you will be sure that your first return had no errors on it.

Back to Top Wait until your original return has been processed before sending in an amended return. If you have a refund coming from the first return you filed for the current year, wait until you receive that refund from us.

NOTE: You will never be subject to both the 5% and 10% penalties.

If the return is filed timely but you cannot pay the tax in full, a penalty of 5% will be added to the additional tax due if at least 90% of the correct tax is not paid by the due date.

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