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Around 57 tombs were found during excavations that started in 2012.Construction workers uncovered bronze vessels while they were building houses in the area, leading archaeologists to take interest.Stunning bronze 'soup bowls' and other cooking pots have been discovered inside a 3,100-year-old tomb in China.The food vessels, which are covered intricate designs, were found alongside a badly decomposed body believed to belong to a Zhou warrior chief.A few of the vessels hold inscriptions that include the names of different Shang clans.The Zhou may have seized the bronze vessels during the war and given them to the person who was buried in the tomb.The Berkshire Eagle reports Crane Stationery was bought by Mohawk Fine Papers Inc. Crane Currency, a manufacturer of paper products used to print national currencies, was co-founded in 1801 by Zenas Crane.

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The military control of China by the Ji royal house lasted from 1046 until 771 BC for a period known as the Western Zhou.

The Zhou Dynasty had formally collapsed only 35 years earlier, although the dynasty had had only nominal power at that point.

Researchers from the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology in China made the discovery in Baoji City.

Experts believe many of the vessels were used in religious or burial rituals, rather than for eating.

Their quality suggests the person buried inside the tomb was of noble status.

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