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Just click on “Ask Michael” at the top of any page and follow the instructions.If I have a page up about your issue already, I may reply to you in an email with a link for you to review first.Some people consolidate their debt – such as credit cards – into a personal unsecured loan or even move their credit card debt onto a brand new 0% interest one.However, to do this you need to have a good credit rating to get the best deal, which is why it is not an option for many.The term length of consolidation loans are longer, so you’ll usually end up paying more over this time, than you would if you’d carried on with multiple repayments or taking on a different debt solution.However, Pay Plan clients have often found that consolidating their debts before seeking professional and free debt advice from an organisation like ours, failed to solve their problem and even increased their debt levels.In short order you will be able to click each topic listed and have a review you can access that will also help you determine which resources on the site will best help you, and how to get to them quickly.Debt relief can be a really quick topic for some, and something of a journey for others.

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In it’s simplest form, “debt relief” means to get out of debt and, for most, it means a new lease on life.

Many topics are covered here in my answers to people’s debt questions, comments, and blog posts – so much so, that I’ve been forced to get organized.

The menu above, and under the logo, is being relaunched as of summer 2016.

This is an insolvency solution that could see you debt free in just five years and a significant portion of your debt could be written off.

A debt management company such as Pay Plan can only arrange this type of debt solution for you, which offers a single monthly repayment arrangement at a cost that you can manage and that takes into account your personal financial situation.

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