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Census records may be accessed free of charge at Family Provost Marshal Records Even if census records can't verify your ancestor as a Civil War soldier, Provost Marshal Records, held by regional National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) branches, may assist with your search.Your ancestor's military career, physical description, occupation and other genealogical treasures may be found, but you must know the soldier's unit and allegiance (Union or Confederate).Kathleen Brandt is a professional genealogist and the author of a3Genealogy blog. National Archives: For Provost Marshal Records, CMSR and Pension Files, access the NARA Research in Military Records: Civil War guide. State Archives: For volunteer militia and state regiment records, visit the Council of State Archivists.The Southern states of Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas generated Provost Marshal files.For information about accessing these records, visit

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The person who started the page stresses he has nothing to do with Kimberly ... Civil War records are scattered in federal, state and local repositories. Civil War Soldier Database: Determine if your ancestor served. State archives are a good place to start research on Confederate soldiers. Lineage Societies Searchable Records: For a list of Confederate and Union veteran lineage societies, visit the Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War and Cyndi's List. Pension Records: For digitized records, visit your public library or subscription based websites and There are dating sites for all kinds of people: Farmers Only, Christian Mingle, JDate -- and now there's a new one that's getting some hype online. Dating, made for supporters of President Donald Trump.She's made her social media pages private since the backlash started.As TMZ first reported, Kimberly's posts also hindered online fundraising efforts.Nearly 40,000 black soldiers died in battles or of diseases.For more information, read the "Black Men in Navy Blue During the Civil War" article at your family was living in the United States in the 1860s, chances are good that you're related to someone who served in the Civil War. Perhaps your great- or great-great-grandfather was among the 2.1 million men mustered in the Union Army or the 800,000 to 900,000 men who were on the Confederate side.Or maybe a great-aunt served as a scout, nurse or spy. African Americans also served with Confederate forces as laborers and servants — and a handful even served as soldiers at the end of the war.She may even have been among the several hundred females who, disguised as men, actually fought on the ground. Native Americans were involved in the western theater for the Union and defended Southern lands with the Confederacy.If you're interested in learning about ancestors who served in the Civil War, you have plenty of ways to find out. Federal censuses indicate if a person was an Army or Navy veteran of Union or Confederate units.

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