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He remained great friends with her for a time, and would have long philosophical discussions with her about many topics, but eventually bitterness crept up over her relationship with Paul Rée, and Lou broke off contact with him.After this rejection, his letters moved from admiration into bitter, petty attacks against both Salomé and Rée.(Note that local distribution channels worked on slightly different schedules, so not every issue of FF #1 across the country came out on August 9.Some might be hand-dated as much as a week in either direction.Age Appearance Bad Dates Break Ups Career Cheating Clueless Common Sense Crazytown Dating Divorce Drugs Family Girls Are Jerks Too Health Hooking Up Just Awful Marriage Modern Relationship Money Morning After Mothers Reality Check Rejected Relationship Romance Sex Weight WTF?Yikes acting age appearance awkward bad dates beauty body image boyfriend boyfriends boys breaking up break ups breakups cabaret career cheating clueless comics countdown couples dating dinner divorce drinking ex ex-boyfriends ex-girlfriends ex boyfriend exes ex girlfriend facebook fat feelings fidelity flirting funny girlfriend girlfriends glasgow gross Happy Valentine's Day hooking up humor inappropriate infidelity looks love lying marriage men modern relationships money morning after mothers moving moving on new york city pick up lines quotes reality check rejection relationship relationships romance rude sex single stds things my ex said tmxs Valentine's Day weight women wtf Yikes© Things My Ex Said, 2013.(This got out of hand eventually, and you'd have comics' publication dates off by 6-8 months!

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Nietzsche met her in 1882 through their mutual friend Paul Rée (who would end up becoming Lou's lover).

Nietzsche fell in love with her right away, and proposed to her three times in a seven month period (all of which were rejected).

You can read more about their relationship and its timeline here. Lou Salomé was a Russian intellectual who befriended and influenced many important thinkers of the time, including Nietzsche, Freud, and Rainer Rilke.

You can read more about their relationship and its timeline here.

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