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On July 31, 2015, the chart specialist went on CNBC and warned of a major volatile move to come between Aug. 18; the index proceeded to lose more even ground over several trading days. 1, 2015, and then in November of that same year, Jadeja told the network that a Jan.

7 and 18, which turned out to be the so-called “flash crash” of Aug. He also flagged another period to be careful of — Sept. 4, 2016 would “face a bearish mood,” according to Business Insider, which has tracked his calls closely over the years.

The chart shows how the DJIA is edging ever closer to that higher green line and his target range.

Once it hits that level, investors need to look for a weekly fall in the index, according to Jadeja, and then do something specific: “Don’t just go short,” he said. You have to wait for a break of the low of that weekly bar, and put a stop above the high.” And here’s the crux of Jadeja’s concerns: If the rally inspired by last year’s presidential election continues, the Dow industrials could hit that 22,000 level — but if it fails, the pullback could be steep, or even steeper, based on history.

In this retirement roundtable, Robert Powell, Tracy Byrnes and their guests discuss the pivotal ages in retirement.

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Then a lunchtime rush, then late-afternoon rush, then evening rush.

If you look at the data, in a 24-hour period there are three or four periods where there’s an increase of volatility.” So when and how did that method pay off for Jadeja? 28, 2015, and told viewers there would be a drop on Sept. A nearly 290-point plunge hit the Dow industrials on Sept.

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Bumble had over 12.5M users last year, up 100% on the year, according to Forbes. But if that doesn’t materialize, then he says watch out for May 11.He’s more concerned about the latter date than the former.“Is it possible that we can take data and then forecast future turning points?After 31 years in the business, it’s absolutely ‘yes,’” said Jadeja.“The timeline is rapidly approaching” for the next potential Dow meltdown, said Jadeja, who shares his techniques via workshops and seminars.Timelines are at the heart of his predictions, which he bases on repeating cycles in the market that are connected to specific times. You can get the price pattern wrong, but if you get in at the right time, the other two don’t matter.” He sees 2017 as littered with pitfalls for the Dow .What, you thought markets were going to be calm in April just because the calendar flipped from a volatile March? With markets still volatile, you must listen to Jim Cramer's latest Action Alerts Plus member call on Thursday.If you traded bitcoin or received bitcoin for your services, you need to report all that to Uncle Sam. Give us 60 seconds and we'll tell what you need to report on your tax return!Jadeja is a frequent subject of media interviews and counts Robert Kiyosaki as a fan.The “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author says Jadeja’s charts back up his own view that markets are going to pull back this year.

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