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"You've still got a good five months left in you.""I think the doctors were wrong, Carlos," James said quietly."It's been so hard to do everything these past few days.And even if it wasn't good, he would take anything but lymphoma. He felt even more queasy just being in the hospital.If something had to be wrong, Logan hoped James had the swine flu, or pneumonia, or even some sort of weird viral infection that would turn James yellow for several weeks. The white walls were something he had grown too accustomed to.

His feet made soft noises as they padded across the hardwood floor of the hallway in their new apartment, them having moved out of the Palm Woods and back to Minnesota a few days after James' cancer had come back. He heard three voices coming from the kitchen area and immediately recognized them as James, Kendall and Carlos.

But then James looked up, and even from far away Logan could see the puffy eyes and hopeless expression James wore, telltale signs that he had been crying.

Logan's heart fell out of his chest and onto the floor at the same time his hope made a crash landing into the earth.

So turn on the Big Time Rush album because otherwise you'll cry. James being a former cancer patient, Logan had come to expect the worst from visits to the hospital.

But not all of his experiences in the hospital had been horrible.

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