Christian college students and dating

Benjamin Barber, a junior at Patrick Henry College (PHC), said he was naïve when he arrived at the school.

He grew up with only brothers and didn't have much experience with girls: "I thought boys and girls could be friends." But it didn't take long for him to develop an attachment to a girl that turned out badly: "I got hurt.

The students come from all over-California, Costa Rica, Colombia, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Bhutan, New York.

In a school where nearly 80 percent of the students are female and many men are gay, their prospects are few.

It’s my first speaking gig since I had my foot surgery in December.

I still have a “mini boot” on, but I am going to try a real live shoe on stage to avoid distraction.

But another result, according to many women, is both paralysis and pressure. Under pressure from the female grad students he went further: He's "no fan of casual dating." He wants to "make sure as best I could" that he only asks out a girl if it's likely to result in marriage.

TKC student Catherine Ratcliffe says shows well that "sexual purity is important," but it also led many of her classmates to "think we should never hang out unless we want to marry. [Now] Christian couples will rush into relationships, saying, 'we intend to marry,' because they think they are not allowed to date unless they intend to marry." Pressure, pressure, pressure. It is alternately frustrating and extremely painful. He wants to be "fairly confident" and uses terms like selective to describe his process: "If and when I do get married, I want to enter into it with as few relationships as possible." There's the dilemma. You go from zero to 100, or people will talk." While guys wait to find Miss Right, some girls "guard their hearts." College freshman Alexandria Nogy didn't date in high school because she didn't see the logic of it. Investing time with marriage as the end goal: Yes, "otherwise it doesn't lead to anything productive." Maintaining "emotional purity" isn't easy, and sometimes girls get into heart relationships despite their best efforts to monitor their thoughts.

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