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The new art movement had its roots in Britain, in the floral designs of William Morris, and in the Arts and Crafts movement founded by the pupils of Morris.

The Franco-German art dealer and publisher Siegfried Bing played a key role in publicizing the style.Art magazines, illustrated with photographs and color lithographs, played an essential role in popularizing the new style.The Studio in England, Arts et idèes and Art et décoration in France, and Jugend in Germany allowed the style to spread rapidly to all corners of Europe.In architecture, it was influenced by the architectural theorist and historian Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, a declared enemy of the historical Beaux-Arts architectural style.In his 1872 book Entretiens sur l'architecture, he wrote, "use the means and knowledge given to us by our times, without the intervening traditions which are no longer viable today, and in that way we can inaugurate a new architecture.In Italy, because of the popularity of designs from London's Liberty & Co department store (mostly designed by Archibald Knox), it was sometimes called the Stile Liberty ("Liberty style"), Stile floral, or Arte nova (New Art).In the United States, due to its association with Louis Comfort Tiffany, it was often called the "Tiffany style".) or Wiener Jugendstil, after the artists of the Vienna Secession.Horta, an architect with classical training, designed the residence of a prominent Belgian chemist, Émile Tassel, on a very narrow and deep site.The central element became the stairway, beneath a high skylight.The interior and furniture of the gallery were designed by the Belgian architect Henry Van de Velde, one of the pioneers of Art Nouveau architecture.The Maison de l'Art Nouveau showed paintings by Georges Seurat, Paul Signac and Toulouse-Lautrec, glass from Louis Comfort Tiffany and Emile Gallé, jewelry by René Lalique, and posters by Aubrey Beardsley.

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