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Employees can schedule lessons during office hours, evenings/weekends, even when travelling across time zones.

With our easy system, you can book or reschedule up to 2 hours before a lesson is due to commence. The user only needs a computer, a headset and internet connection.

The key to steady and rapid progress is by learners communicating & building on real topics, relevant to them.

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Service industries with multilingual staff who can communicate in native languages have a direct impact on overall customer satisfaction.m Yngle’s experience in numerous companies has shown, first hand, that language truly does strengthen Company culture.You can recruit and develop the best talents, both from abroad and locally, independently from the language they speak, and improve their language skills when you need them.For business professionals, time is their most valuable and scarce resource.The m Yngle network of coaches are available 24/7 regardless of your location.Learn how with our mobile tutorials that cover i OS and Android development, as well as Windows Mobile app development.Start My Free Month Now, all courses are on Linked In Learning. With m Yngle you can provide your workforce with opportunities for personal and professional growth.Our programs help develop your global leadership with personalized training that includes specific skills set and knowledge, so that they can succeed in a global setting.m Yngle can help you improve service and support for your increasingly multicultural and international customers, by empowering staff to speak in the client's native language.The benefits are many, customers feel welcomed when using their native language & problems are resolved quicker.

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