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You’re open to what other people are interested in and what their boundaries are, and you’re open with your own.

[…] [Interviewer:] To what extent do you practice a sex-positive lifestyle?

For people like me, who have progressive views about sexuality, these three things are constantly on our minds.

Three phrases that have seemed to be at tenacious odds with each other in a multitude of subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

I think this just goes to further showcase how much more social change we really need in our culture.

However, while the clubby, cliquey feel is totally my own subjective perception, there are other issues at play here, too.

I got in touch with BBR and signed up for a limited-offer “founder” account—basically a private beta.

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You don’t have an issue with other people’s sexuality.So is Blackbox Republic a dating site, or a social network? Along with the welcome and (IMHO, painfully obviously better) new approach to online dating, however, Blackbox Republic faces some real challenges.For new users, the service costs a minimum of a month to use (and per month for new sign-ups starting in 2010), which gives access to basic features like a personal profile.Will creating a “members-only club” of sex-positivity on the Internet really be a positive thing for “the movement”? Although it has the potential to exclude lower-income people from the experience, who are sadly also often the people with the most pressing need for the kinds of privacy-related tools BBR offers (school teachers spring to mind!), one upside is that Blacbox Republic promises to pledge a portion of membership dues to a charity of the user’s choice.In a press release over the summer, Blackbox Republic is reported as stating: Think of Blackbox Republic as a fashionable online ‘members-only’ club where you might expect to meet people with similar interests to your own, and ideally the person of your dreams.[…] Blackbox Republic is arguably an Apple product to Facebook’s Windows look & feel: a much more intimately crafted, fuller featured personal user interface which should appeal to Apple generation sensibilities. There are images of super-chic women in short skirts and tight pants all over the Blackbox Republic promotional pages—way more than there are pictures of men.I also really appreciated the way that Sam and April spoke about their target audience.Blackbox Republic will welcome everyone, but it’s not BBR has room for everyone, but is not for everyone.This post was originally published on my other blog, a much more Not Safe For Work site, at How do we participate in the online revolution without being forced to “come out” about every sex act we enjoy, some of which are still illegal thanks to draconian restrictions on sexual freedom, even (and especially? This month, a new social network called Blackbox Republic (BBR) is attempting to tackle this head-on and aims to create a place for, as Marshall Kirkpatrick put it, this particular .However, it turns out that blog is censored in various countries, such as Dubai. Although BBR is clearly a business, it’s a business whose creators have laudable intentions for positive social and cultural change.

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  1. When she entered the operations training course, the precursor to becoming a case officer, she was one of “three or four” women in her class.