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“All the data of the users are protected and confidential.

In fact, we don’t conserve any payment information or name,” she states.

Since the platform is completely run and managed by women, the services offered are free of cost for women, while men have to pay through credit packs ranging from Rs. How it works is - you create a profile with an email ID (they suggest you create a new ID just for the site), fill in your details (age, hobbies, personality type etc), and some photographs (“discrete photos are advised,” they say).

Browse through profiles and send private messages or “crushes” to tell someone you like them.

There are some matters on which one cannot be dogmatic. But there are other matters on which one cannot but be firm. Most evangelical Christians in India, I fear, have soft-pedaled these issues for too long.

When Gleeden was launched in 2009 in France, a study showed that 30 per cent of people on traditional dating sites were actually married and lying about it.

These instincts may not be of the same strength in all, but they do constitute a powerful force in all normal human beings for at least thirty years after adolescence.

Like dynamite, sex can be used for good and for evil - for the glory of God or for the service of the devil.

Hence I make no apology for hitting hard in some places.

I have seen many Christians falling into Satan's traps in the realm of sex.

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