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Intern, City of Pawnee Parks and Recreation (former) Assistant to Ron Swanson (former) Assistant to Chris Traeger (former) Assistant to Ben Wyatt during a congressional campaign Deputy Director of Pawnee Animal Control (former) Employee at the National Park Service: Midwest Branch (former) Employee at American Service Foundation She is first seen as an apathetic college student working as an intern in the Pawnee Department of Parks and Recreation, before being hired as Ron Swanson's assistant.

She later becomes the Deputy Director of Animal Control.

Do it again.' And I was like, ' No, really, leave me alone! "I was thinking that it's awesome that I play this mean character.

"It's probably some kind of defense mechanism." Plaza gets plenty of laughs in , a coming-of-age comedy set in 1993 about a recent high school graduate who makes it her mission to hook up with multiple men before her freshman year of college.April is in charge of uploading the staff bios to the website, and no one has checked over her work. (Aubrey Plaza herself came up with the idea of her character's boyfriend being bisexual and her boyfriend himself dating another guy.) Although still dating her openly bisexual boyfriend, Derek, who is still dating his gay boyfriend, Ben, April begins to develop a crush on Andy Dwyer (who works at city hall), the ex-boyfriend of Ann Perkins.Toward the end of the season Andy and April's relationship begins to grow to the point that he begins to reciprocate her feelings but their age difference continues to be a wedge between them.They admit their mutual attraction to each other in the season finale, but she tells him she does not want to get involved with him due to what she perceives as his lasting feelings for Ann.She changes her mind after he gets into a car accident and the two kiss for the first time, but she leaves abruptly after he reveals Ann kissed him just two minutes earlier.April, along with Plaza's performance, garnered universal acclaim and has gained popularity for her goth-like behavior and deadpan-style comedy.April Ludgate is a college student who starts out working as an intern in the Pawnee parks and recreation department.April traveled to Venezuela between seasons but has returned to Pawnee to continue her job at the Parks Dept.and has a new Spanish-speaking Venezuelan boyfriend, Eduardo.Justin Theroux and Aubrey Plaza are just friends, a source tells PEOPLE The duo were spotted strolling in New York City and stopping by the actor’s apartment.But despite speculation that the two are romantically involved, a source says they were simply meeting to discuss an upcoming project — and Plaza is still dating her longtime boyfriend.

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