Are gretchen and slade still dating

She made a brief appearance on the show's fourth season, when O. You can follow her life now on Twitter and Instagram. Tenure: Four seasons, guest appearances Tagline: "I was poor, I was rich, I was poor again, and you know what?

Tenure: Two seasons, guest appearances Tagline: "It's not about how much money you have; it's about how good you look spending it."Arguably the ditziest housewife in Housewives history, Lynne's life fell apart on camera.

Tenure: Two seasons Tagline: "I don't let my kids or my exes drive me crazy."Tammy was one of the first "replacement" wives, joining the O. cast in Season 2 to fill Kimberly Bryant's void.

We saw her fight with her teen daughters Megan and Lindsey, and with the father of her toddler-aged son, but Tammy never brought the drama with the other women.

Shockingly, she wasn't asked back for Season 9.

Lauri is still married to George, still lives in the O.

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