Apple mail gmail imap not updating

However, after 16 hours, no emails have been synced.

-- Since originally getting my Gmail account added, I let Nylas run overnight so it could sync all my messages.

If I make any modification, such as changing the description, something interesting happens…The selected outgoing mail server from each account, except the IMAP, disappears and instead “None” is selected.

The workaround is to go through each account and re-select the appropriate outgoing mail server.

Running Nylas Mail in dev mode doesn't rise any errors or flags.

– Go to Settings, then “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”– Select the ‘Add Account’ option.It should say that the Account type is “Gmail IMAP” as follows:– Press ‘Create’– You will be taken back to the Apple Mail preferences screen. Click on the mailbox behaviours tab You pretty much need to set them to the opposite of the Apple default.Tick the ‘Junk’ and un-tick everything else like this: EXPLANATION OF ADVANCED SETTINGSYou don’t want to tick “Drafts.” Every few minutes Apple mail makes a backup copy of your email as you are typing it.The assigning of these folders is also known as Subscribing to IMAP folders.The following article explains how to find and configure this setting within the Mac Mail client.If checked it will save all your deleted items to a trash folder incase you want to undo the delete.Gmail automatically keeps a copy of every email that you delete so you don’t need to do this.You only need this option checked if your email provider doesn’t keep a copy of your sent emails automatically.The “Trash” option is for email providers who don’t keep a copy of all your deleted emails.You can now access and edit your emails from your Computer and your i OS device.IMAP folders may need to be manually assigned to a Mac Mail account in order to synchronize properly.

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