Android news widget not updating

An application component that is able to hold other App Widgets is called an App Widget host. This document describes how to publish an App Widget using an App Widget provider.For a discussion of creating your own Defines the basic methods that allow you to programmatically interface with the App Widget, based on broadcast events.Through it, you will receive broadcasts when the App Widget is updated, enabled, disabled and deleted.that launches when the user adds your App Widget and allows him or her to modify App Widget settings at create-time.The biggest killer of battery life is when a phone isn't able to sleep (or deep sleep) adequately.Constant wakeups like you're suggesting can be a contributing factor in that.

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However, you must be aware that App Widget layouts are based on , which is an invisible, zero-sized View you can use to lazily inflate layout resources at runtime.If the forecast is not updated then you will still have the same info on your phone.It's not like someone is looking outside in your area and updating Accuweather.For example, if the user adds two instances of your App Widget, this is only called the first time.If you need to open a new database or perform other setup that only needs to occur once for all App Widget instances, then this is a good place to do it.Define the App Widget Provider Info object in an XML resource using a single directory.You can design your App Widget using the View objects listed below, but before you begin designing your App Widget, please read and understand the App Widget Design Guidelines.It is the responsibility of the configuration Activity to perform the first update when configuration is done.(See Creating an App Widget Configuration Activity below.) This is called when the widget is first placed and any time the widget is resized.You can use this callback to show or hide content based on the widget's size ranges.You get the size ranges by calling This is called when an instance the App Widget is created for the first time.

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