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A lawyer for the facility told the Green Bay Press-Gazette at the time the women were charged that both were screened before they were hired, and both were fired after an investigation.The current executive director declined to comment beyond saying the facility has changed ownership since the incident.The employees admitted taking photos and sharing them with one another and with friends.Both pleaded no contest to misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and invasion of privacy through use of a surveillance device.Date: Around April 2013 Facility: Deer Crest City: Red Wing State: MN Type of facility: Assisted living How it became public: Government inspection report, news story Social media site: Instagram Description: A staff member took a photo of a resident on the toilet in the bathroom.The picture showed the resident's bare skin and was taken without consent and uploaded to Instagram.The home's administrator, Darlene Crispell, told Pro Publica that officials reported the incident immediately to the state health department and fired the staff member involved.

One picture showed a resident vomiting; another video showed a resident being assisted with an obstructed bowel, according to a criminal complaint.Its executive director did not return multiple calls.Date: May 2013 Facility: Sharon Health Care Pines City: Peoria State: IL Type of facility: Nursing home How it became public: Government inspection report Social media site: not specified Description: A housekeeper posted a picture of a vision- and hearing-impaired resident on her social networking webpage, with the caption "This is my friend," along with the resident's first name.The staff member admitted taking the photo, was suspended and ultimately fired.The staff person also was directed to remove the photo from the social media site.The employee was asked to come in and meet with the administrator but never came back to work.The home's parent company did not return two calls seeking comment.Date: January 2013 Facility: Valley Convalescent Hospital City: Watsonville State: CA Type of facility: Nursing home How it became public: Government inspection report Social media site: Facebook Description: A nursing assistant posted a picture of a resident's hand on Facebook, with a caption akin to "I am holding her hand til she falls asleep." A comment posted below the photo by a second nursing assistant had a question that included the resident's first name.Both employees were "counseled" for not maintaining confidentiality.The employee apologized and immediately removed the photo.She said she was not aware that a person could not do such a thing without the resident's consent.

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