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The main adjustment for a single woman your age coming from DC is it is a more simple, family focused city and it is less progressive.

Any of the south suburbs would be slightly heavier on AA population than the northern suburbs, but then you lose the "cool vibe" of walking to restaurants, etc.

Specializing in tenant representation, Savills Studley has represented top tier organizations for several business sectors in Dallas, including Accor Business and Leisure North America Inc, Goldfish Partners LLC, Sirius XM Radio, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance and the General Services Administration.

As one of the four national real estate firms selected to represent the General Service Administration’s with its 190 million-square-foot portfolio of leased space nationwide, Savills Studley has distinctive experience navigating through the inherent complexities of representing the government.

I am a life coach and counselor and have worked with a lot of singles in DC so please don't take offense--I am only giving my observations.

The reason I say all this is because moving to Dallas doesn't change this. there are A LOT less professional African Americans in Dallas compared to DC.

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