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We offer the the slickest platform offering instant messaging directly on the site.Browse photos, make friends, and upload videos and most importantly find the perfect match for you. So we should have one more connection between the Roman Rite and the Apost. Here, too, the East is immovable, the West changes with the calendar.The Preface was originally as much part of the variable Proper as the Collect. The first part of the Eucharistic prayers ( Anaphora or Canon) in all rites, now separated from the rest by the singing of the "Sanctus". -- According to the idea of thanksgiving which, after the example of the Last Supper ( Matthew ; Mark ; Luke , 19 ; 1 Corinthians ).forms a fundamental element of the Eucharistic service, all liturgies begin the Anaphora, the consecration-prayer, by thanking God for His benefits."Sursum corda" is one of the oldest known liturgical formulas ( St. Then follows the invitation to give thanks, which very early included the technical idea of "making the Eucharist": "Gratias agamus Domino Deo nostro". The Jewish form of grace before meals contains the same form: "Let us give thanks to Adonai our God " (in the Mishna, "Berachoth", 6). Our present common Preface represents the simplest type, with no allusions; all the old list of benefits is represented by the words "per Christum Dominum nostrum" only. Most of the others are formed by an intercalation after these words.

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The people having answered: "It is right and just", the celebrant continues, taking up their word: "It is truly right and just first of all to praise [or to thank] thee"; and so the thanksgiving begins. It is also universal that at some moment before the recital of the words of institution there should be a mention of the angels who, as Isaias said, praise God and say: "Holy, holy holy " etc., and the celebrant stops to allow the people to take up the angels' words (so already Clem., "I Cor." xxxiv, 6-7, and all liturgies ). But the effect of this interruption is to cut off the part before it from the rest.

In the Eastern rites the separation is less marked; the whole prayer is still counted as one thing -- the Anaphora.

In these varied Prefaces allusions to the feast, the season, and so on, take the place of the old list of Divine favours. Brightman ( infra , 556) quotes as its source Lamentations .

The preface after the ekphonesis of the Secret ( Per omnia sæcula sæculorum -- here as always merely a warning) begins with a little dialogue of which the versicles or equivalent forms are found at this place in every liturgy. The Eastern rites, too, have a blessing at this point. Equally old and universal is the people's answer: "Habemus [corda] ad Dominum" a Greek construction: Echomen pros ton kyrion , meaning: "we have them [have placed them] before the Lord". The celebrant takes up their word and begins the preface always: "Vere dignum et iustum est" (Apost. The beginning of the Roman Preface is approached among the others most nearly by Alexandria.

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