Adult sex text chatroom for ipod

Intended use: Whisper also allows users to set up anonymous accounts (or random names generated by the app) to make their messages or confessions overlap onto an image.

Allows for creative expression when expressing emotions that users may be keeping inside.

It is not as anonymous as other apps, since it is connected to Facebook or a Google account.

Intended use: Allows the recipient of an anonymous text to judge what is being said before they judge who said it.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Rhonda Porter and other Akron school officials recently had a battle on their hands with a group of girls fighting and threatening each other.

All of it on the kik smartphone application, with no real names for any of the participants and all out of the school's control.

Instead of funny captions, students can use mean or hurtful captions that can be used to bully other students.The presentation includes the history of some well-known cyber-bullying cases, details of Ohio law and some steps parents can take to avoid issues with the apps or capture evidence of their misuse.After a few presentations around the Akron school district, Porter and Henagen-Peer brought their message to a broader audience Monday at the Ohio School Board Association's Capitol Conference in Columbus. Here's their list of "dangerous" apps, with their descriptions of them in italics.How it is misused: Students can post embarrassing photos of others with a caption or to make cruel or humiliating comments about a photo posted by someone else.The victim is not notified about the photo or comments, resulting in the victim being harassed or humiliated without knowing why.This handy App allows children to send private messages that their parents cannot see.Impossible to verify the identity of someone on kik.How it is misused: Easily used by sexual predators to seek and find a child victim who is nearby.Tinder, Bang with Friends, Down and Meet Me all are adult meet-up apps that could be dangerous for children.The Google Play app store describes as "the #1 app for social Q&A that lets you explore your friends' personalities by asking them to answer smart, interesting and fun questions about themselves.It's entertaining, completely easy to use and you can quickly connect using your Facebook, Twitter or VK login." Intended use: is a social networking app that allows users to post questions from known or anonymous users who then post "answers." A place to ask questions in order to illicit legitimate answers...

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