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We are just so fortunate that we work really well together and we inspire each other."Ace, who also collaborated on fellow Idol Chris Daughtry's hit "It's Not Over," co-penned all of the tracks on Diana's forthcoming EP (out in May), and it may surprise more casual fans (who missed Diana's stint on Season 1 of CMT's "Gone Country") that the EP created by the rocker and the former pop princess is distinctively twangy. If anybody gets really in-depth into You Tube, they can see some really hilarious videos of me in, like, full-blown gold lamé and black fringe and a cowboy hat, singing 'Walkin' After Midnight'!When I did 'Idol,' it was a pop show then, and they didn't see country music as being even an option--and of course, the next season, Carrie Underwood proved everybody wrong.We had to play boyfriend and girlfriend, and we both had to strip down [naked] for one another.And I think when you have to do that within the first week of meeting somebody, you know you're going to have a special relationship after that! "Yes, we were checking each other out, I believe so!"Hair cast--was otherwise involved when the two of them first started dating, insisting, "I'm not that kind of girl.") Says Diana: "We played with the idea [of dating] when we first met.

I'll nod if it's no or yes," Jessica teased during the Thursday chat. (And besides, Jessica said in her UStream chat that she is "married to music.") But their time together on this year's Idols Live Tour should be the best summer-romance experience two teen puppy-lovers could ever hope for.

But Diana De Garmo and Ace Young are without a doubt THE first couple of "American Idol." Although the 24-year-old Diana, who was Season 3's first runner-up, and 31-year-old Ace, who placed seventh in Season 5, only recently went public with their inter-season reality romance, the couple have actually been an item for more than two years, and their relationship is both personal and professional.

Not only is Diana signed to Young Brothers Entertainment, the indie record label run by Ace with his brother Ryan, but she and Ace co-wrote her new country ballad, "Good Goodbye," for the character she plays on the CBS soap opera "The Young & The Restless," a "gum-smacking mob princess with a heart of gold" named Angelina Venziano..

His sense of style was just as endearing as his song choices — he once performed a funked-up "Since U Been Gone" while wearing a gym coach's whistle around his neck — and season nine got a little less adorable the second he left.

Even the cheesy-as-hell styling Jim was stuck with way back on his season (yes, I know it was 2002, but that doesn't mean he had to wear as many denim vests and tank tops and dog tags as he did) couldn't take away from what a cutie he was.

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